How You Can Help

My main goal is to raise awareness about Lyme Disease and how to navigate through a complex and broken medical system.  Please share this blog or information from it with whoever you can.  It could save someone’s life.  Also, I’m always happy to talk to anyone who is or thinks they may be suffering from Lyme Disease.  Feel free to reach out.

Aside from that, I have quite a stack of medical bills that continues to grow.  I do have insurance, but owe thousands of dollars for unnecessary doctors visits and medical tests and procedures…a lot of which the insurance company is completely denying coverage.  Another factor is that Lime Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs) are the only doctors who have a clue of how to effectively treat this disease, and they do not accept ANY form of insurance.  Therefore, every visit, test, treatment, etc. is entirely out of pocket.  The reason these doctors don’t accept insurance is because many have had their medical licenses revoked and have been slapped with multi-million dollar lawsuits, often for costing insurance companies too much money by treating Lyme the way it needs to be treated.  Can you imagine if proper cancer treatment was denied to cancer patients, or if doctors were prosecuted for employing all means necessary to save the life of a cancer patient?  This is a horrible injustice, and so many Lyme patients are suffering, not only in terms of their health, but also from the financial burden this disease brings.  *It’s tough to explain the complexity of this issue, so I recommend watching ‘Under Our Skin’ if you would like to understand it better.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for choosing to love and believe the millions of us who are afflicted with this wretched disease.

Lyme Awareness

If you would like to make a donation to help Jali with her medical bills and ongoing treatment expenses, you can do so below:
Donate Button with Credit Cards


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