Sometimes in Tragedy, We Find Our Life’s Purpose

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Charlie, the man who founded Mitosynergy, which is the supplement that has saved me.  Charlie traveled the world searching for ways to help his nephew, who tragically suffered a spinal cord injury from a car accident.  He worked very closely with scientists and doctors to create this incredible product, and he did this all out of love for his nephew.

It is rare to find someone so deeply passionate about what they do, and for all the right reasons- solely to help others have a better quality of life.  I have seen this passion in both Charlie and Marge (one of Charlie’s business partners I have come to know).  They have both watched loved ones suffer through tragic, life-altering issues- Charlie, with his nephew’s terrible accident, and Marge, with her son’s devastating chronic disease (I know how hard Marge fought day in and day out to keep her son alive, find answers, and get him help- no matter what it took).  Living through these tragedies and watching their loved ones suffer inspired each of them to dedicate their lives to help others improve their quality life. I count my blessings every day that our paths crossed, for my life has been forever changed.

I’m no doctor, so this is not medical advice, but Western Medicine failed miserably when it came to even diagnosing me.  If I had listened to all the doctors I saw, I would probably be on at least 10 different prescription medicines that weren’t even helping in any way.  I would still be bedridden, believing I was crazy, and continuing to suffer and deteriorate.

Just keep pushing meds to treat all of my 'symptoms'...who cares about the cause?  That's the problem with the healthcare industry- it's an industry.  They want to make money.

Just keep pushing meds to treat all of my ‘symptoms’…who cares about the cause? That’s the problem with the healthcare industry- it’s an industry.

Charlie explained to me the way Mitosynergy works: first of all, it’s all natural, which I’m all about.  There are so many side effects to prescription medications, antibiotics, and chemicals, and I’d really prefer not to put them into my body.  The main active ingredient in Mitosynergy is Cunermuspir, which is a very special copper chelate that is small enough to penetrate into the cell.  Copper is a natural anti-microbial (meaning that it kills bacteria), and it also gives the cell what it needs to function at a more optimal level.

In my case, due to Lyme Disease and co-infections, my cells haven’t been able to process energy the way they should.  My mitochondria aren’t working correctly, so instead of producing energy (known as ATP) as they do in a healthy person, the mitochondria end up producing lactic acid and alcohol instead…causing all kinds of horrible symptoms and making me feel like absolute hell.  The Mitosynergy works with the mitochondria in the cells and gives them the spark they need, which turns the ATPs back on so they can create and process energy the way they should.  This in turn makes the body stronger, which reduces pain and inflammation, and greatly improves the immune system- allowing one’s body to heal itself.

When taking Mitosynergy, one should drink a lot of water- regular water, coconut water (which contains tons of potassium and electrolytes, so it’s great for muscle pains and hydration), green tea, etc…anything to stay hydrated and flush toxins out.  Also, with Lyme Disease, there is something called the Herxheimer reaction, which is basically a worsening of symptoms due to treatment.  Well, I herxed quite badly from taking Mitosynergy and it took a couple of months for me to start feeling any better, but I am sooo happy I did not give up and stop taking it.  I was miserable for a while, but I had to go through that to get better.  It is also extremely important to detox, either by taking epsom salt baths or moor mud baths (I much prefer the mud baths).  Some people start feeling better sooner than I did, but I had been sick since at least 2007, and also had a giant tumor inside of me.

I have yet to see the full benefits of this supplement (my surgery set me back a lot), but I’ve been fighting as hard as I possibly can, and there’s no way I’d be doing as well as I am without the Mitosynergy- I believe I would have had a slow, painful death.  I was so ill, words cannot even describe it. I was in such constant agony, I honestly wanted to die.  There were many times I didn’t think I would make it through, but because of this supplement, I have been able to fight my way back to something beginning to resemble what my beautiful life once was. I am both mentally and physically so much stronger, and I have so much hope things will only continue to improve.

I also want to mention that I had a TON of severe allergies prior to taking Mitosynergy (for example, I was taking double doses of Claritin on a regular basis just so I could tolerate being outside), but this year, I haven’t needed it at all- this really illustrates that my immune system is much better and stronger than it used to be:)  I have yet to experiment with some of the food allergies I had, but haven’t wanted to cross that bridge just yet…

So although Charlie initially sought out to help his nephew, and Marge, to save her son, they have changed the lives of so many people suffering from chronic health issues.  Not only that, but they have also helped the loved ones of those affected by disease or injury. Serious health problems not only destroy the lives of those who suffer from them, but can also ruin relationships and tear families apart.  Through this product, Charlie and Marge have changed so many lives for the better, and have inspired me to do the same.  That is why I am sharing my story- all of my struggles and my successes.  I want people to learn from what I’ve been through, I want Lyme patients to see that antibiotics aren’t necessarily the answer, and ultimately I want to help others become healthy again so they can enjoy the life they deserve to live.  So maybe everything happens for a reason.  Maybe I was meant to get sick, find these two incredible people, and share my journey- so that others behind me won’t have to go through what I have.  Maybe there is a reason and purpose for all of the pain we have all been through.

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