Surgery this Friday, April 19th

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Well, I’ve made my decision and will be having my surgery at Mayo Clinic this Friday.  I came up here for a third opinion, and they did more initial diagnostic testing than either of the other hospitals I consulted.  The hemangioma has almost completely taken over the entire right side of my abdomen, but apparently, my liver is a rockstar and the left lobe has actually grown to compensate for the problems with the right lobe!  Now that’s what I call a magical organ! 🙂  Anyhow, Mayo has provided seemingly endless patient resources, and my surgeon will be a world renowned liver resection specialist, so I am confident that I am in very good hands.

Until today, I was still considering the second hospital I consulted (also a very reputable hospital in Chicago).  Last week, I had an initial appointment with a liver specialist from this hospital, and was extremely impressed with him, the rest of the staff, and the overall patient experience.  I have been at Mayo since Monday, so I spoke to the liver surgeon from this hospital over the phone today.

I explained to this surgeon that I had come to Mayo for another opinion, and he immediately started bashing Mayo.  I told him that I really wanted to have my surgery done at his hospital by him because I had heard he was a great surgeon…but I could not make that decision without talking with him first- and Mayo wanted to operate this Friday.  Therefore, I needed to make this decision quickly.  He was incredibly rude and insulting, and without letting me get a word in edgewise, continued to belittle me (as well as Mayo) and my choice to explore other options.

I thought it would be a tough choice between Chicago and Mayo, and I really, really wanted to have this surgery done in my home city, but after talking to this condescending and arrogant jerk (which seems like a fairly common personality trait among medical specialists), it wasn’t even a question.   Anyhow, I’m thrilled I found out what kind of a doctor/person he is before I was on his operating table.

6 thoughts on “Surgery this Friday, April 19th

  1. My Prayers are so with you…I am David’s Mom and Meredith Carr and my daughter Brittany are friends. My heart aches for you. However, I have seen miracles take place so I will continue to pray for your total speedy recovery. Debbie

  2. Hi Anjali,

    I had heard about your diagnosis but I didn’t know that you were going through surgery tomorrow. Paayal sent me a link to your blog. She was in tears. I feel so bad for all that you have have been through. I hope that the surgery tomorrow will make it better. We want to see your normal, cheerful self back. Wishing you fast recovery. Sandhya Aunty

    • Aww, thank you all for your concern and well wishes! I think my parents told you- the surgery went well and I am recovering slowly. I hope to be healed soon:) I hope all of you are well. Take care, Auntie.

  3. We are praying that you will be back to your healthly self giving yourself the time to heal. You have been through a long distressing illness but I believe you will start to recover and make a full recovery.
    Judy and Dan Lange

  4. Thank you Judy and Dan, and I also really appreciated the sweet card you sent! I am starting to improve a little each day, so hopefully will be well again soon! I hope you are both doing well:)

    • We are so glad you are this far along in your recovery. Stay positive and patient and your good health will come. Positive and well intentions are coming to you, with a full recovery. Judy and Dan

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