The Great Mayo Clinic

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Well, we’re finally leaving Rochester, MN, one of the most depressing places (in the US) I have ever been. This town has obviously been built around the world renowned Mayo Clinic, and is full of people from all over the world who are there out of pure desperation; they are fighting for their lives. Why else would anyone ever want to travel to such a place? Let’s be honest, Minnesota really isn’t that cool.

Anyhow, aside from all of the sadness and suffering, there is still a great sense of hope. Everyone you encounter seems to have an extraordinary sweetness to them and a great sense of compassion. They know that either you are there because you are very sick yourself, or because you are caring for someone you love dearly (and unless they are a native, or in the medical field, chances are they are in the same boat). I honestly don’t know which is more difficult-being the patient or the caretaker. Each can be an incredibly frightening, painful, helpless, and isolating spot to be in, and especially without other loved ones nearby for support. To receive what is arguably among the best care in the world and have a fighting chance, it’s worth it. And at least I’m lucky enough that it isn’t too far a journey for me and my family.

So here I sit on the long car ride home, covered in bruises from seemingly endless blood draws, injections, and IVs, with a sutured up incision the length of my forearm across my abdomen. I’m surrounded by pillows (three to be exact), and every bump in the road amplifies the extreme pain I am already feeling.  Still, I couldn’t be happier to be on my way home.  I’ve made it through a very serious surgery, and am thrilled to have that behind me.  Recovery has been tougher than expected, and they ended up keeping me in the hospital a couple of extra days, but I’m slowly healing and also fighting the Lyme.

I do believe the worst of this ordeal will soon be behind me, and I will be healthy again, and able to enjoy the life I dreamed I would have at 28 – the life I’ve worked so hard to achieve.  It’s tough to sit back and helplessly watch as everything in your world falls apart- especially when your friends are working their dream jobs, traveling the world, getting engaged, planning weddings, having babies, etc.  My life has been put on hold indefinitely, and my only focus right now is on getting better, but I have been and will continue to fight as hard as I possibly can.  I will get my life back- that isn’t a question.  It’s just a matter of time until all of this pain and suffering and hardship is behind me.  One thing is for sure, there’s no way I could continue to fight without the incredible family and friends I am so lucky to have.  Without them, giving up would be easy; they are the reason I have kept fighting.  I know I have a great life waiting for me.  I just need to make it through what remains of this storm.  Once I do, I will bask in the glorious sunshine, with greater appreciation than ever before.

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